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Filtras 1140 A1B2E2K1HgNO P3 R D/CO 20 P3 R D

  • Filtras 1140 A1B2E2K1HgNO P3 R D/CO 20 P3 R D

    Kodas: 6738801
    Kaina 5800 

    Pristatome per 1-3 d. d.

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    The Drager combination filter 1140 A1B2E2K1HgNO CO 20 P3 R D offers clean breathing air and protection against a wide range of gases.

    Please note: This particular filter can only be used in conjunction with full face masks as the weight is more than 300g. NO and CO filters are one time use only and must be disposed after use (according to local regulations). Hg filters can only be used for a maximum of 50 hours according to EN 14387.  

    Prekės ženklas
    • Compatible with Drager’s range of full face masks with a standard Rd40 thread connection
    • Low in cost but offer a high level of user safety
    • Tough aluminium housing offers additional protection
    • Optimum protection is offered through individual packaging
    • Shelf life (from date of production) is 6 years
    • Dolomite tested