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Free Floating Skimmer 100

  • Free Floating Skimmer 100

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  • The Free Floating Skimmer LFF 100 is a high capacity brush chain skimmer designed to recover oil in offshore operations that can be used in J and U sweep configurations. The LFF 100 has excellent wave following characteristics and suitable for use in all environments, including Arctic conditions.
    The skimmer has two 4-row oleophilic V-brush chains that separate the oil from the water effectively and lifts the oil to a specially designed brush scraper from where the oil is directed to the oil transfer pump. The double rotation direction capability enhances the recovery of light to heavy viscous oils.
    The skimmer has a robust aluminum frame and floats with a single lifting point which makes the LFF 100 easy to lift, operate, clean and store. The LFF 100 has a heated scraper and hopper for effective skimming in Arctic conditions and is equipped with thrusters for mobility.
    The skimmer has been deployed effectively in several oil recovery operations worldwide. During certified capacity tests, conducted by Bureau Veritas, a recovery rate of 111 m3/h and its effectiveness in Arctic operations has tested at Ohmsett testing facilities.

    Features and Benefits

    • Suitable for recovery of all oil viscosities, including weathered crude
    • Enhanced recovery due to brush rotation in both directions
    • Enhanced oil flow due to special design
    • Heated scraper for use in Arctic conditions
    • Excellent wave following characteristics for use in heavy seas
    • Effective thrusters for mobility for use in e.g. U/J sweep configurations
    • Robust and durable aluminum construction
    • Single point lifting