Minimax 50

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  • The compact Minimax 50 skimmer is a modular, robust oil skimming unit that is easily transported, assembled and cleaned. A durable and solid body guarantees longevity and minimal maintenance, both short and long-term. The aluminum body is oil resistant with no moving parts allowing rapid cleaning.
    Dual removable banks are easily maintained and replaced. Designed to utilize interchangeable brush, disc, and drum recovery banks, the skimmer can be modified to address the type of oil to be recovered.
    The skimmer is entirely hydraulically operated with a low power requirement. Varying sizes of oil transfer pumps can be added to the basic suction model if preferred.
    The skimmer is designed to recover oil in varying scenarios including inland waters, rivers and near-shore situations. The portable skimmer can be deployed in all terrains and environments, including Arctic conditions and remote locations.

    Features and Benefits

    • Easily transported due to light weight
    • Rapidly deployed as it is easy to connect
    • Advanced 8 brush wheel technology enables recovery of light to heavy viscous oils and a free-water content of less than 2%
    • Shallow draft
    • Quick assembly/disassembly for cleaning/maintenance, no tools required
    • Modular skimmer (brush, disc, drum)
    • Connects to a suction / vacuum system