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Multi Skimmer 140 MK II

  • Multi Skimmer 140 MK II

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  • The Lamor Multi Skimmer LMS 140 Mk II is a versatile oil skimming unit that is suitable for a variety of different oil spill recovery scenarios. The LMS 140 Mk II is designed to recover oil from all environments e.g. inland waters, rivers, harbors, shoreline, offshore and Arctic. The LMS 140 Mk II provides the user with several skimming options ranging from brush, disc, drum and weir that are suitable pending usage area and oil viscosity. Combined with Lamor GTA 140 pump, the LMS 140 Mk II is an effective unit with a recovery rate of 140 m³/h.
    The skimmer utilizes the Lamor brush wheel technology, which combines high oil recovery capacity with low free water pick-up rate of less than 2 %. The skimmer is entirely hydraulically operated and its power requirement is low. The unit is intended to be used with a Lamor GTA 140 or GTA 115 pump.
    The LMS 140 Mk II consists of five main components that are easy to assemble and disassemble: aluminum weir frame, floats, brush frame, bumper frame and three brush banks. The brush bank can be changed to disc or drum modules (optional, not incl.). For use in Arctic areas, the skimmer unit can be equipped with a heating coil. The skimmer is fitted with wheels for easy handling during storage.
    The maximum recovery capacity of the LMS 140 Mk II is certified by Bureau Veritas at 4 x 37.3 m³/h = 149,2 m³/h.

    Features and Benefits

    • Modular skimmer: brush, disc, drum, weir
    • Rapidly deployed , easy to connect
    • Shallow draft
    • Quick assembly/disassembly for cleaning and maintenance, no tools required
    • Single point lifting