Side Cassette Oil Recovery System LSC

  • Kodas: 180101
  • The Lamor Side Cassette Oil Recovery System LSC is a vessel mounted advancing skimming system for medium to large size vessels. Its design is based on the proven stiff brush oil recovery technology that offers high performance and safety for offshore oil spill recovery operations. The LSC is supplied with an outrigger arm and sweeping boom that deflect oil and debris from a wide area into its side box for processing. The remarkable oil recovery rate of < 5 % water intake is achieved at vessel speeds of up to 4 knots. The LSC can be operated by a small crew. The unique side collector design processes surface water and oil to the brush system for recovery while water pressure is released from the rear bottom of the cartridge. The LSC is a chain brush conveyor oil recovery system that is very effective when recovering high viscosity oils, emulsions and tar balls. It can also be deployed when large amounts of floating debris are present. The recovery capacity has been certified by Bureau Veritas and tested by e.g. the Swedish Coast Guard. Please note that product configurations may impact on technical specifications. The following is an example of a LSC 5C system.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Rapid deployment
    • High recovery speed at 4 kn
    • Flexible fitting to new-build or existing vessels
    • Advanced brush technology with 3 brush chains
    • Efficient and effective
    • Low free water content in collected oil
    • All oil types from light to heavy viscous
    • Excellent performance in adverse weather conditions
    • User friendly with small crew