Ugniai atsparus akrilas FR 310ml

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    Kodas: INFRM310
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    INTU FR MASTIC is an acrylic mastic designed to prevent spreading of fire, smoke and gases through openings in fire rated walls and floors. INTU FR MASTIC expands when it is subjected to fire and close openings around pipes or cables by creating tight barrier for fire, smoke and gas. Mass effective fills the gaps around the installation, ensuring the integrity and insulation of fire resistance class EI 120 and EI 240 (details according to compliance documents).

  • INTU FR MASTIC is designed for:

    • fire protection of penetrations with non-flammable pipes in floors or walls
    • fire protection of single electric cables / bundle of cables in floors and walls
    • installation / sealing of intumescent ventilation grilles INTU FR GRILLE


    • Fire classification 01367/18/N00NZP
    • European Technical Assessment 19/0038
    • Declaration of Performance DoP 8/2019