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Uniboom X

  • Uniboom X

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  • The Lamor Uniboom X are rapid deployment boom systems. They are single-point inflation booms designed for use in open waters and offshore conditions. By utilizing a special compressed air inflation system, the manpower and time for deployment and retrieval is reduced to a minimum.
    The booms inflate during deployment, and are fully operative once they are in the water. A single operator can deploy 400 m (1,312 ft) of Uniboom X 3000 in less than 15 minutes.
    The boom has two intertwined, high-pressure spiral-shaped air-hoses which inflate the boom. Transverse bulkheads divide the float into 5-metre (16.4 ft) chambers. The longitudinal tension members give the boom high structural integrity, and its high freeboard and low weight provide for a particularly favorable buoyancy to weight ratio. The unique double-spiral framework gives the Uniboom X far better structural integrity than competing brands of single-point inflation booms. The air hoses are pressurized while the boom is still on the reel. During deployment, the air spirals expand the large, cylindrical float as soon as the boom leaves the boom reel. The two air-spirals are connected to two totally independent air-circuits, ensuring that the boom will inflate and be fully operational even if one of the circuits should fail.
    The Uniboom X has a secondary PVC hose back-up inflation system that can be used to top up the boom’s air chambers when necessary, allowing long term deployment of the boom in very rough seas.
    The boom is stored on a hydraulic reel recommend ably equipped with turntable and the only required deck space during operation is the reel’s own footprint.

    Features and Benefits:

    • For use in emergency operations in open water, offshore conditions and all trawling configurations
    • Self-inflation for simple and rapid deployment
    • Unique design prevents complete boom failure despite single air chamber puncture
    • Low maintenance