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Arctic Skimmer 125

  • Arctic Skimmer 125

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  • The Arctic Skimmer LAS 125 is a special purpose oil recovery system designed for operations in extreme harsh conditions. The skimmer represents a technical breakthrough for equipment that provides an efficient and effective solution for recovery in all ice and Arctic conditions.
    The LAS 125 is normally deployed by a crane or davit but can also be operated as a free floating skimmer utilizing the optional floats when required. The skimmer incorporates static ice deflection pipes and rotating brush wheels for separation and collection of oil.
    The LAS 125 is equipped with a hot water injection system to improve recovery in Arctic conditions. The two brush wheels collect and separate the oil from the water and ice particles are crushed by the ice crushing screws installed in the hopper.
    The certified recovery capacity of the LAS 125 is 125 m3/h.
    Optionally the LAS 125 can also be fitted with floats for skimmer use in open waters.

    Features and Benefits

    • High oil recovery capacity
    • Recovery of light to heavy oils and bitumen,not affected debris
    • Rotating brush technology
    • Pump feeding transfer screws
    • Hot water injection
    • Winterized for Arctic operations
    • Robust and durable
    • Single operator