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  • Ursuit is a Finnish company established in 1964. We manufacture Ursuit® drysuits for all kinds of water activities, both under and above the surface. Main product groups are diving, rescue and recreational drysuits. The Ursuit drysuit range consists of over 15 surface drysuit models and over 10 diving drysuit models in many colors for both men and women. We also manufacture tailored drysuits that are modified according to customer needs. Ursuit has been THE choice for firebrigaders, rescue teams, military forces, law enforcement and other professionals that trust our drysuits for the most challenging conditions.
    Our production is carefully controlled so that the user can concentrate on the most essential, the activity. All Ursuit® drysuits are CE approved and the production is in accordance with the SFS-EN ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance system. Every drysuit is tested before it is delivered to the customer. 

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