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    Kodas: INT640WM
    Kaina 128000
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  •   Interceptor is Lakeland's fully encapsulated Type 1a gas-tight suit for protection against hazardous chemicals in gas or vapour form. NOTE: NOW AVAILABLE IN ORANGE ONLY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

    Certified to EN 943-1 & 2 (part 2 for use by Emergency Teams
    Soft and flexible fabric - 15% lighter than main competitor options
    Multiple 10-layer fabric offers a high barrier against a wide range of hazardous chemicals - see the Chemical search page and database
    Generously sized rear pouch to accommodate most SCBA units. Two rear covered one-way exhaust vents
    Double layer visor system (pvc inside, teflon outside) with unique, patented etched sealing system for a stronger and more secure seal
    Double layer glove system (inner polymer chemical glove / outer butyl glove), bonded for protection and flexibility. Cotton liner gloves supplied with every garment.
    Wide-vision visor (63cm) for wider field of vision
    Attached sock with boot overflap for full seal
    Seams stitched and taped inside and out.
    Front entry 122cm gas-tight zipper with double protective storm flap

    Features: Expanded back for SCBA, Front entry, Encapsulated, Attached sock boots with boot flaps, Double storm flap with hook and loop closure, Wide Vision Visor, Integral BA pouch to rear